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Rich men have an alluring charm. They always seem more attractive than the other guy in the party, or always seem more desirable when looking for a stable partner. Here are a few disadvantages of dating rich men that will probably make you give the other guy another chance. The reason why he has so much money and such a big empire is because he has worked all his way up there! Unless you are dating someone who has inherited an empire that will help him and his next few generations survive without working at disadvantages of dating a poor guy, your man is bound to be busy.

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While many ladies would prefer to disadvantages of dating a poor guy rich guys, not every guy is rich. There are many disadvantages of dating a poor guy, one of the them being the fact that guys need finance to run romance, fortunately, there are also some advantages of dating a poor guy. No much expectation. It is likely the poor guy would want to accept you the way you are because he would need you to accept him the way he is. You can be with him without being afraid that he would criticize you. There would be other guys trying to get your attention and he would not want anything or anyone to take you away from him so he would try his best to protect you. He would be a charmer.
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