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The number on the back of the power section says A I was told it was a 71 or 72, But would like to be sure, If anyone knows I do thankyou. After a quick websearch of "Fender Twin Reverb Date Code", I found a few interesting breakdowns of date and production codes, but couldn't decipher the number you have. Do you have a picture of the label with this number? Are there other numbers on it? I ask because there are more tube reference numbers than production date codes. If the number you have A is the code, then I'd agree it may be a '71, or some of the information I read could also say that it was dating silverface twin reverb in the 17th week of '89 if you read it backwards for amp models built after the '70s.

Telecaster Guitar Forum. Dating silverface twin reverb 5, 1. Hey guys, I just got a Fender Twin Reverb off on ebay and i'm trying to date it. I got the chassis number, A which puts it in The Utah speakers are stamped which should be the 5th week ofbut the Fender logo on the grill does not have a tail, which from what I read started in ? No push-pull volume, so it's shouldn't be newer than '

By admin. On February 18, In Dating. I prefer the earlier. Probably the least desirable of the classic Fender reverb lineup. Install a grounded AC cord and correct the out dating silverface twin reverb date AC wiring so that the.
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Fender Tube amp dating silverface twin reverb An amp stamped NA would have been made in Jan. Here is a list of the first letter showing the year of manufacture. These codes have nothing to do with the serial number that is stamped on the right rear of the chassis - Those numbers are posted below. These codes are for amps with the serial number beginning with a letter: EIA numbers taken from the transformers may help you to determine the date of production on amps that fall between the different dating schemes. These numbers always begin with "", and are followed by three or four digits in various combinations.

This article outlines how to establish the date of manufacture for a Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. Check the faceplate. Amps from the blackface era, which have a black faceplate, were manufactured from to Amps from the silverface era, dating silverface twin reverb have a silver faceplate, were manufactured from to InFender began producing the '65 Reissue Twin Reverb. Find the tube location. According to Fender, amplifiers produced through have a sticker near the tubes. This is commonly stamped with a two-letter date code. The Second Letter indicates the month:

Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Feb 19, 1. JoeyHarleyFeb 19, Feb 20, 2. I went on a date dating silverface twin reverb a silver face but she wasn't my type so I let her go. But seriously, you can check the codes on the transformers, the insides of the control pots and speakers.
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