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The Shroud of Turin is a length of linen cloth bearing the imprint of the image shroud of turin carbon dating mistake a man, and is believed by some to be the burial shroud of Jesus. Despite conclusive scientific evidence that it is of medieval origin, multiple alternative theories about the origin of the shroud dating it to the time of Christ have been proposed. Although three radiocarbon dating tests performed in provided conclusive evidence of a date of to for the shroud, some researchers have challenged the dating based on various theories, including the provenance of the samples used for testing, biological or chemical contaminationincorrect assessment of carbon dating data, as well as other theories. However, the alternative theories challenging the radiocarbon dating are not accepted by scientists, and are thus considered to be fringe theories. The Holy See received custody of the shroud inand as with other relicsmakes no claims about its authenticity. After the round of tests, no further dating tests have been allowed.

One Episcopalian on Faith. Over and over, we read in newspapers and blogs that the shroud was carbon dated thus proving it was medieval. Sometimes, a reporter will mitigate by mentioning that some people question the results. But what we should be reading, if scientific accuracy is important, is that the carbon dating is well understood to be invalid. What is being reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals and at scientific shroud of turin carbon dating mistake is very different than what is being reported in main stream media. Because, invariably, any reporting about the shroud falls under the general category of religion which is often a subcategory of something called lifestyle. So much has happened in the twenty years since the shroud was carbon dated. It warrants consideration.

What do you believe about the Shroud of Turin? Scientific tests do not seem to agree with tradition on the topic. NO heat source or other source has been able to shroud of turin carbon dating mistake pointed out as capable of making the image on the cloth. I feel the same way. I think I would still like the shroud even if it was proven not to be real.
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In the past couple of days there has been a shroud of turin carbon dating mistake of blame-game, back-and-forth banter about the radiocarbon dating. I though I would republish a posting from almost three years ago. It follows:. When Sue Benford and I submitted to Shroud of turin carbon dating mistake in our paper on the 16th century patch a. What Joe Marino and Sue Benford accomplished is monumental.

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The Shroud of Turin: In scientific terms, we don't know the age of the cloth. Shroud of Turin for Journalists. There could be a nearly infinite number of alternate hypotheses, and the search for new hypotheses should continue. At about the same time, Philip Ball, who had been the Senior Editor for Physical Sciences of the Nature Journal of Science when Nature published the results of the carbon 14 dating of the Shroud, discussed the new studies that challenged those tests, shroud of turin carbon dating mistake the journal's online edition.
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