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Hinata falls over naruto during their date. Wallpaper and background images hinata dating naruto in shippu gakuen the Hinata Hyuga club tagged: Submitted by 8thanie Fan of it? Sexy Hinata. Hinata Hyuga.

Home About Us Hinata dating naruto in shippu gakuen. Hinata dating naruto in shippu gakuen For in the ova. It was when naruto. Well, hinata hyuga club tagged:
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Konoha Gakuen Den! The OVA is not animated; it is told through a series of still cells, based on the still cells that were used for the second Naruto: A local gang leader and his followers later come to settle their differences with Naruto, but are defeated by the latter's yo-yo-based techniques. The narrators speculate that Naruto's reason for staying in the school after these victories hinata dating naruto in shippu gakuen to challenge Sasuke, since the two hinata dating naruto in shippu gakuen gotten into a fight on the day of Naruto's arrival and held several competitions since. As an act of revenge, the defeated gang leader has his men kidnap Sakura, Ino and Hinata, unable to defeat Naruto in a fair fight. Naruto attempts to save the three but is defeated by the gang's dirty tactics. Naruto and Hinata later go on a date, with their classmates spying on them throughout. The narrators state that everything had a happy ending, but then mention a series of other troubling events yet to come:.

Set in an Alternate Universe from the main continuity, the OVA narrated by Sakura, Ino and Hinata tells the story of Naruto and his misadventures at the high school he attends as a transfer student. From the first day, he swiftly establishes a fierce rivalry with Sasuke, picks fights with every person he can, and fends off gangsters who would seek to defeat him. The story also outlines the three girls' reactions to Naruto's antics, as well as teasing the famous NaruHina ship somewhat. Although the OVA itself is roughly just over eight minutes long, the story shares many tropes with its parent universe, hinata dating naruto in shippu gakuen no hints of ninja activity or tailed beasts are to be found here. You can watch it here. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

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