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World of Matchmaking world of tanks Update 1. As a side note, regular Tier VIII vehicles face a similar issue with matchmaking, amplified by the fact that they also compete against Tier X tanks. The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X. The matchmaker rules revision is designed to better the experience for them, too. All of this was done on the Supertest and that we believe we have gotten the desired result.

We spoke at length about the improved matchmaker in the Common Test announcement. The improved matchmaker builds matchmaking world of tanks teams with several key criteria in mind. Its goal is to get you in a battle quick and make sure the two teams it assembles are:. To do so the system analyzes vehicles in the queue and chooses matchmaking world of tanks out of a set of templates; server-side algorithms with team makeups that define the tier spread and vehicle distribution at the top, middle and bottom of the list.

Another useful information is the way, in which World of Tanks selects players to the team. Beginner tankers playing with their friends often complain that their vehicle is not able to damage enemy machines, because they are too high tier. Usually the guilty one is game built-in matchmaking world of tanks system, which selects players to opposing teams.
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This past May saw us test changes to the KV Had matchmaking world of tanks proven agreeable, they would have been applied to other preferential tanks. As the feedback and testing showed, the reason you take these tanks onto the battlefield or bring them into your Garage in the first place is their preferential status and unique characteristics. In response to your comments, we went back to the drawing board to work on another round of adjustments. Here's a look at where the current setup is falling short and how the upcoming changes address those areas. We'll kick-off the preferential tank revision by tweaking combat parameters. We originally set these parameters so tanks can play comfortably and competitively in Tier VIII-IX battles, where they are weaker than other machines in combat given their stats. With this in mind, at Tier X, these tanks would be ineffective, which is why they have preferential matchmaking. We will definitely look at their stats to ensure their effectiveness is comparable with the performance of Tier VIIIs and remain competitive in those battles. Combat parameters will be improved to better suit the Tier spread, while also keeping their gameplay-defining characteristics intact.

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The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. Matchmaking world of tanks example it is IS - russian heavy with tier 7.
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