3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig

Beth Pacheco, 25 years old

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Do-It Molds have been an essential part of my fishing enjoyment and success for over 35 years. In this article, I want to share some of my favorite Do-It molds and the applications that I find most effective for my styles of fishing. Our winter time passion was sauger fishing below the TVA dam on Pickwick lake. Tasty sauger by the millions were available, but to effectively fish for them in the deep water and heavy winter currents, I needed a 1 oz. Back then, those jigs were almost impossible to 3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig, and when you could find them, they were expensive for a college kid on a budget! Some vinyl lure paint for dipping heads came along a little later. But, bottom line, we had an affordable lure, with a better hook than was commercially available, at a ridiculously low cost.

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Football, bullet, shad, grub and boxing-glove heads — these common jig styles catch fish, period. 3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig, bucktail jigs with natural or synthetic hairs always make it into our tackle trays and onto our boats. But plenty of other types of jig heads exist beyond the known commodities.
More about 3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig:
These brighter, longer lasting 3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig colors actually Glow-In-Color. Simplified Versatile Rigging: Weedless rigging is simple and does not require attachment devises and can be accomplished without the need to cut and re-tie your line. This custom made, ultra high strength hook has more gap and throat area than conventional jigs. The larger gap and throat area 3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig hook sets by providing more bait space in the bottom of the hook, leaving more available gap for hook sets. Standup Head: This feature keeps the hook in an upright position, eliminating most bottom snags, while positioning the hook for more positive hook sets. This new over sized eye comes paint free, with a large target area for easy termination of all knots, including double loop super knots.

Back to Mold Index. Blank Molds Mold Starter Kits. Privacy Policy write us about us. Most of the molds listed are in-stock, ready top ship same day you place your order. SwimBait Head. Diner Shiner. Freestyle Jig. 3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig Head Jig with Barb.

The Japanese grade hook is also extremely sharp, durable, and strong. No more hooks opening up and straightening out when setting the hook! These rigs are tied according to the following format: Write review. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. The simplicity of this rig is what makes it so great. You are easily able to 3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig the weight by swapping out a sinker instead of trying to figure out what size bucktail to use.
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