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This illustrated guide provides marks found on both antique and contemporary collectible glass and includes dating information if known. Early pieces may be unmarked. The Akro Agate logo is actually a crow flying through the letter dating galle glass holding marbles in its beak and claws. The species in the logo is sometimes mistaken for an eagle or another type of bird since it is often poorly molded into the glass and can be hard to read. Packages of marbles made from on included this logo on some boxes, but the marbles were not actually marked. The crow mark was used on glassware from the late '30s through the s. Production ceased inbut the company sold off its remaining inventory until when it officially went out of business. This is a late Imperial Glass Company mark.

We use cookies to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website. By continuing your visit on dating galle glass website, you consent to the use of cookies. You can deactivate cookies by changing the preferences on your website browser. Learn more. Galle was a designer who made glass, pottery, furniture, and other Art Nouveau items.

The basic technique used in the manufacture of French cameo glass was acid-etching. After the vases were built up with layers of colored glass, they were then cut back with hydrofluoric acid. The design was protected with a waxy substance called a resist. The dating galle glass was repeated as often as necessary to create the desired level of detail.
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Cameo glass reproductions have dating galle glass another step towards becoming more like vintage originals. While copies of old signatures and dating galle glass have been used for years now, this batch of reproductions has duplicated old patterns and tries to imitate specific decorative techniques found on original French cameo glass. One of the techniques the new pieces try to copy is that known as "mold-blown. The pattern was created in glass overlays cut away with acid. In mold-blown cameo, a deep pattern is cut into the mold. During blowing, glass was forced into the pattern which raised the pattern above the surrounding surface. The pattern's height was emphasized by wheel polishing the raised areas further increasing the contrast between the pattern and the frosted background. Virtually all pre mold-blown cameo glass was made by the Galle factory.

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