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Andrea is a dedicated high school student at West Beverlywho also serves as the editor of the West Beverly Blaze — the school newspaper. Engaging in a plethora of extra credit programmes and volunteering, the girl living out of district is set on reaching her goal of an academic scholarship to Yale University. Andrea is incredibly sweet and has a big heart; she is also a very logical person, which leads to her feeling socially awkward and therefore adopting a more shy nature when trying to talk to other students. Her logical nature can leave her very blunt in her emotional expression, but she finds acceptance and a sense of self in her relationships with the gang. Her close friendship with Brandon Walshalthough their relationship is never truly platonic, changes her course somewhat — for the better — as Andrea starts engaging in the 90210 cast dating in real life school social life and makes friends for life. Andrea spends her time at West Beverly working toward academic stardom and has little time for anything — or one — else. The down-to-earth nature of the Minnesota twins has a deep effect on a number of students, but Andrea's lifestyle is immediately altered by Brandon Walsh's presence in her life.

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This is a list of the characters that have appeared onan American teen drama. The family relocated in order to care for Harry's mother Tabitha Jessica Walter. McCord was cast because, according to Sachs, "she's someone who is worldly, and there's a sophistication to her that's interesting. Sachs stated, "she can act, 90210 cast dating in real life beautiful, and she can give this sweet cuteness [that lets us see] through her eyes into this world. Lori Loughlin auditioned for the role of Debbie and was given the part immediately.
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Just like his friends, he is a genius in his own right. He even graduated from Princeton Universty, earning his doctorate at only 24 years old. Leonard soon falls for the new girl next door, Penny, and their on again off again relationship makes for some juicy drama. They eventually get married in the 9th season of the show. John Galecki sure does clean up well once his nerdy clothes come off after filming. He had previously acted before The 90210 cast dating in real life Bang Theory but this show blew him out of the water. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist who believes that he is the most perfect human specimen in existence. Most people he meets and even his close friends tend to get annoyed with his overly strict routine habits. And he gets paid handsomely for it too. Leslie works alongside Leonard as an experimental physicist at Caltech.

Age is just a number! Thawing the ice? Washing our hair is such a drag. If we can avoid it, we will. Showing face. The model, 21, posted a gallery of selfies, one of which she was smiling in, that showed her wearing a light scoopneck tee. Love is abloom 90210 cast dating in real life ! Scroll through to see who else is put a ring on it this year and […].

A largely virtuous and ethical character, Brandon gained numerous admirers throughout the course of the series. He attracted the romantic attention of many women, and earned the respect of several friends — notably Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay. Brandon's sister Brenda was also shown to harbor a particular fondness for his character at times, openly telling him at one point that he truly was her best friend. In response, Brandon stated that he hoped he always would be. Brandon was the last Walsh to leave his family's iconic home in Beverly Hills. Brandon, akin to Andrea, would always hold a high 90210 cast dating in real life of morality, at times coming off as moral righteousness or superiority, but would learn from these mistakes and admit his wrongs.
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