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Print Email Share. Established more than 2, years ago, Peshawar has been the dominion of many empires—from Central Asia, Persia, and the Mediterranean—a trading center along the Silk Roadand the orissa dating sites place of divergent cultures and peoples in its markets such as the Qissa Khwami Bazaar. It was the capital of the Kushan Empire during the 2nd century CE and one of its rulers, Kanishkabuilt a enormous Buddhist stupa here, which drew pilgrims such as Fa Hsien and made the city a prominent center of Buddhism until the 7th century. Islam arrived in the region around CE and remains the dominant faith through today. He built a fort here inand his grandson, Akbargave the city its current name.

Located in eastern India, it is surrounded by the states of West Bengal to the north-east, Jharkhand to the north, Chhattisgarh to the west and north-west, and Andhra Pradesh to the south. It is also the 3rd most populous state of India in terms of tribal population. The ancient kingdom of Kalingawhich was invaded by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka in BCE resulting in the Kalinga Warcoincides with the borders of modern-day Odisha. Thereafter, Bhubaneswar became the capital of Odisha. The name of the state was changed from Orissa to Odisha, and the name of its language from Oriya to Odia, inby the passage of the Orissa dating sites Alteration orissa dating sites Name Bill, and the Constitution th Amendment Bill, in the Parliament.

Western Odisha is a territory in western part of OdishaIndiaextending from the Kalahandi district in the south to the Sundargarh district in the northwest. It is a vast geographical area, exhibiting a great degree of cultural uniformity in terms of demography and life-style. In the epic RamayanaWestern Odisha is described as a part of "Dandakaranya". During the period of conquest of Kalinga by emperor Ashokaorissa dating sites area was known as Attabika, i. Many small kingdoms, ruled by local chieftains, existed in ancient times, in what is now called Western Odisha.
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Chandre Dharma-wardana. The name Lankaused in orissa dating sites Epic chronicles, was adopted in to Prakrit with the addition of a leading vowel which could be "a, e, h e, or i". This is further clarified by noting that eighteen countries are mentioned in early Tamil literature, clearly distinguishing "cinkalam" from "Tamlaak h am", viz. The early Pali writings of Sri Lanka also mention similar names for kingdoms located in the subcontinent. Ptolemy's map orissa dating sites the name Taprobaneestablishing that in the 1st-2nd century CE the country was known to the West as Taprobane. However, the name Salaka was also used in Greek, at the time. Arab traders circa 7th century used the name Serendib. Subsequent names, e.

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The Gita is set in an epic battlefield where a family of cousins are engaged in a war for control of a kingdom. According to Radhakrishnan, the oldest of these constitute the earliest philosophical compositions of the world. One among crore people, a common man is still searching for identity and tries to lead a respectable life in day to day basis. Srinivasa Murthy tr. Srinivasa Murthy. This translation, direct from the Sanskrit, is vivid and easily understood, while remaining true to the spirit of the original text. SondeThis book is a paean orissa dating sites one of the most beloved of all Indian deities, as observed through the prism of the Mahabharata.
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