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More than a decade ago a group of primarily Dutch people took the initiative to build a website on iron gall ink and ink corrosion. The Iron Gall Ink Website was born. Iron gall ink is intriguing in many respects. It's traces are abundantly present within the collections of our worlds museums, libraries and archives. Like the appearance of historic documents gradually changes with timeideas about iron gall ink and ink corrosion have developed as well. You will find traces of this recent history spread through this website. Besides early contributions dating back to the late nineties, new research results ink dating included. In our opinion, these contributions together represent a valuable resource of knowledge.

Sunday 3rd March Skip to content Toggle navigation News About Events. Book a Hotel Room with Priceline: Why get a hotel room when you ink dating have a bedroom? A hotel room creates variety, and it interrupts routine.

But this technique is also able to overcome other stumbling blocks relating to the amount of ink deposited when ink dating and the type of paper used, as these variables hamper the dating of a document by means of traditional methods. What is more, the new technique reduces the number of punctures needed to analyse the writing on a document to just one. Determining the age of a document to find out whether it is authentic is a task influenced by the type of paper on which it has been written, the pressure of the stroke -the amount of ink deposited when the writing was done- or even the technique used.
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An ink blot test is a personality test that involves the evaluation of a subject's response to ambiguous ink blots. This test was published in by Hermann Rorschach who was a psychiatrist from Switzerland. The interpretation of people's responses to the Rorschach Inkblot Test was originally based on psychoanalytical theory but investigators have used it in an empirical fashion. When this test is used empirically, the quality of the responses is related to the measurements of personality. Throughout the s and s the ink blot test was popular among clinical psychologists but quickly lost popularity as critics claimed it to be too ink dating.

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Speckin Forensic Laboratories is an International forensic firm specializing in consulting with plaintiff and defense lawyers involving issues concerning: Click here for information and assistance in obtaining court appointed fees for criminal defense cases. Contact Speckin Forensic Laboratories ink dating. Our examiners are specialists not only in the area of signatures and handwriting problems, but also in alterations, additions, and the rewritings of medical and business records.
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