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An original label in a violin by Peter Guarneri of Veniceshowing the paper's "laid lines. How can you tell if the label in your violin is original? This is an important question in the evaluation of a violin from the 18th or 19th century. In addition to my day-to-day work with fine instruments, the experience of working in an auction house for twelve years has enabled me to observe thousands of antiques. I find myself drawing on all of this knowledge in dating violins violin appraisal. Labels on classical instruments from before around were mostly made of laid paper. Handmade in a laborious process, laid paper uses linen fibers taken from recycled rags. The rags were sorted according to color, then broken down into fibers and set into a water bath.

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I am not an expert in violins. I know a lot about them and most other musical instruments in general, but when it comes to any specific instrument, I dating violins tell you much about it with any authority. Since I often get questions about the authenticity and value of violins and similar instruments, I thought it would be useful to put together the standard resources I usually recommend.
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Store Hours By Appointment Only. We frequently receive phone calls about "old" modern violins. It's understandable. To most people, anything over 5 years is old - cars, television, and grandma. So of course a violin that is 50 or years old seems very old. However, in the violin business, years old is actually termed and considered "modern". To be considered truly old, an instrument should be from or earlier. So how dating violins you determine if your instrument is actually old? Cartainly not dating violins inspecting the unreliable labels from this time period. Rather, there are other characteristics of old instruments which can be objectively evaluated.

By jbgilmOctober 25, in The Pegbox. If a violin label says that it was made in "Western Germany," does that in any way date it? I have another that was made in "West Germany. I've never personally dated a German violin, but a friend of mine did. She tore his heart out, threw it on the floor and stomped that sucker flat. Interesting that the Germans only write in English on their instruments! Reminds me of the Gentleman who always spoke in French to his cook, in English to his tailor, in Italian to his mistress, and in German to his dating violins. In my experience 'West Germany' didn't show up very much until a year or two after the war.

Curator's Corner. History Perfected in dating violins very late 17th century, the violin is the most ubiquitous antique object form in our daily lives. It is the principal melody instrument in symphony orchestras and mountain string bands. It has not been improved since the s when Stradivari, Guarnieri, Amati and a dozen others worked in Cremona, Italy.
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